Miscellaneous Proceedings
1977 No. 476


In the matter of the application of William Rae Murdie to be admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Hong Kong
In the matter of the Admission and Registration Rules (Cap. 159)


Coram: Huggins, Ag. C.J.

Date of Judgment: 11th August 1977.




1. I think it is desirable to say a few words on the subject of the admission of solicitors, because some members of the professionare being misled by a provision in the Admission and Registration Rules. Under r.4 it is provided that every motion paper shall be accompanied by specified do cuments. Unfortunately the do cuments listeddo not include any do cument relating to s.3(1) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance. It is still required under our Ordinance that an applicant shall be either a British subject or have been ordinarily resident inHong Kong for a total period of not less than seven years. When applications are made on be half of solicitors of the Supreme Courtof England, provided that they were admitted before 17th July 1974, no difficulty arises, because solicitors in England were priorto that date required to be British subjects, but, by virtue of the Solicitors Amendment Act 1974, s.1, that requirement no longerexists and the fact that a person is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England is no evidence that he is also a British subject.That being the case, it is necessary in addition to the documents specified in the Admission and Registration Rules that there should be some evidence before the Court either of British nationality or of the alternative qualification of seven years’residence.

11th August 1977.