Lau Ka-yan (D1)
Chan Ka-lok (D2)


Before: Deputy District Judge Casewell

Date: 13 July 2011 at 9.49 am

Present: Mr Sharman Lam, PP for the Department of Justice, for HKSAR
Mr So Chun-kin, of Henry Chiu & Partners, for the 1st Defendant
2nd Defendant, in person

Offence: (2) Possession of a dangerous drug (管有危險藥物)


Reasons for Sentence


1. I am dealing now with the 1st defendant. She pleaded guilty to the possession of a dangerous drug on 29 June this year. She acceptedthe facts and I convicted her of that offence. The drug in question is a small quality of ketamine, namely 0.69 grammes.

2. The defendant was arrested on 23 December 2010 when the police stopped a car. This defendant was a rear seat passenger. When shewas searched she was found to be holding in her right hand some tissue paper which contained a plastic bag which contained the ketamine.At the time she said she just purchased it from the other defendant for $90. Later she explained she had been picked up for a joyride,and she had been offered and had bought the ketamine. The quantity was confirmed by the Government Chemist.

3. Defendant is a young lady. She is 21 years old. She has a clear record. Because of that I decided to investigate whether somerehabilitative supervision was appropriate for her. To facilitate that I obtained a probation officer’s report upon her. Theinformation is fairly positive for the defendant. She is a young lady. She had some learning difficulties at school. She alsomet up with someone described as “bad peers”, which in fact led her to being cautioned by police. And she is described as beingon the brink of going further astray if she had not been arrested for this offence. And it is clear that she requires some supervisionnow. She is not a deep-rooted drug addict and has learnt a lesson, and she has shown a willingness to turn a new direction. Shenow has stable employment and leads a regulated life.

4. For this defendant I think it is clear that a probation order is the appropriate disposal for her. And for this, being her firstdrug offence, I am going to impose an 18 month probation order.

5. Now, this order requires a consent. I am going to explain the nature of the order to the defendant. She will be under the supervisionof a probation order for 18 months. There are certain conditions to this order. She must be of good behaviour and keep peace generally. She must work and reside as directed by her probation officer. She must keep all appointments to see her probation officer. Shemust receive random urine tests. She shall participate in any rehabilitation, social or educational programmess as directed by hersupervising officer.

6. If she breaches any of these conditions or commits any further offence while this order is in force, then she will be liable tobe brought back to this court and sentenced again for the offence of which she was originally convicted.

7. Now, can the defendant indicate if she understands that and if she consents to be placed on probation on those terms.

DEFENDANT: I understand. I agree.

(T Casewell)
Deputy District Judge